Custom Web Designs by JCL Innovations, Inc.

    Core Design

    Innovations with Commitment

    Core Design

    JCL Innovations  develops websites that perform to their highest ability allowing your business to rise to the next level. We do this by creating a design that is easy to navigate through, is search engine friendly and best of all, it will express your vision.

    Database Design
    If needed, we will design and develop a database system for the information you need to conduct your business. Spreadsheets, Documents and PDF’s may be generated on demand with the information that has been gathered and stored.

    Key Website Optimization Items
    Our goal when developing your website is to create a design that matches your brand, attracts your target audience and offers them the information or products they are looking for.

       • Easy Navigation
       • Keyword Optimization
       • Button Colors & Shapes
       • Appealing Images & Graphics

    As a full service web design and web development company, we know what it takes to make your website look and perform above other websites.

    Responsive Web Design
    A great website is a web design that isn’t limited to one specific device. For years web design companies have been creating desktop and mobile friendly websites in order to accommodate which ever device customers choose to use while searching online. Now with responsive web design, our websites are compatible with any device you choose to use.

    Web design code using HTML5 embraces the three benefits of responsive web design: fluid grids, flexible images and CSS3 media inquiries to detect screen resolution. Fluid grids allow the site to be easily viewed on a variety of screens and devices. Flexible images are those that are automatically re-sized to be viewed on any mobile device.

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