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JCL Innovations, Inc.

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system, otherwise known as CMS, is an all-inclusive website platform that is gives one the ability to create, edit and publish a website quickly and easily. Maintaining a website in a content management system is simple, for the most advanced web developers and even a novice Internet user can make changes to information. Many businesses like using a content management system because they can use someone in-house to edit, change and update their website.

If a CMS option is considered, we will create a design together that works for your business and marketing needs.

WordPress Web Design
Wordpress websites are the most popular platform for a content management system web design. WordPress websites are user friendly, highly intuitive, easily updated, and customizable to any business, brand, service or product. We will build a custom WordPress website specific to your business. This means that you will have the use of the WordPress admin panel to make all your changes, but your website would be unique for your business.

WordPress Highlights:
Easy To Use
Simple Maintainability
Publish & Edit Most Changes Quickly
Many Extentions & Plugins Available
Convenient Social Media Integration
Search Engine Friendly
Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

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